Lucktastic Contests: Monopoly Boardwalk $5K winner!

Oneill Campbell, single dad and resident of Boston, MA won our $5,000 Monopoly Boardwalk contest! We had so much fun interviewing Oneill, Oneill who is originally from Jamaica was so thrilled to receive his prize of $5,000. As a single dad Oneill expressed his financial struggles to the Lucktastic team and was overjoyed when he found out through customer service that he was our Monopoly Boardwalk $5k winner!

Lucktastic Contest Monopoly Boardwalk $5000 Winner

Oneill is such a wonderful, genuine person, it is always wonderful when our winner’s truly need the money they earn using Lucktastic App!

Oneill has been in the market to buy a home and expressed his gratitude to Lucktastic, as his winnings will be a tremendous aid in this process. Oneill told us he will be using the money to help him and his daughter get settled into their new home, and the Lucktastic team couldn’t be happier!

Oneill has been paying Lucktastic App for about a year and he used his tokens to enter our Monopoly contest!

For more on Oneill Campbell’s story check out our interview below!


Lucktastic New Contest In App Trivia!

Lucktastic is always coming up with new and exciting ways for YOU to win! That’s why we have created IN APP Trivia, twice a day, every week for even more ways to win! Every day launch the app at 2pm ET/11am PT to vote for the first round of trivia, if you guess correctly and follow the instructions on how to complete your entry for that week, you are entered to win!

Then come back at 6pm ET/3pm PT to find out if you are one of Lucktastic’s lucky winners! If you see your name, contact to snag that cash before it’s gone! You have until Sunday 12am ET / 9pm PT to email and claim your winnings, so don’t forget to come back each day and check for your name!

Lucktastic In App Trivia Contest

The second round of trivia begins at 6pm ET/ 3pm PT make your best guess to the second question of the day and you could be one of our next winners. We will announce, the second round of winner’s the following day along with the next question at 2pm ET / 11am PT! The key is you MUST come back to the Lucktastic App to find out if you are one of the winners. If you are one of our winner’s contact to claim your winnings.





Written by: Brianne M.


Lucktastic Contests: Lucktastic Search and Win!

Have you heard? We now have a contest running every month called Lucktastic Search & Win. Search everyday for NEW ways to win!

To start searching open up your Lucktastic App today and click the BLUE Search and Win icon on the dashboard to start Searching and Winning!

Lucktastic Search And Win Contest Dashboard. PNG

You can use Lucktastic Search & Win to find the latest news, today’s weather, recipes for your favorite dishes, or anything that you need more information on all while entering for a chance to win some cash and prizes!  

How To Play Lucktastic Contest Search And Win (1)
How To Play Lucktastic Contest Search And Win.png

And of course, Lucktastic Search & Win is always FREE to use. Start searching today for even more ways to WIN!

Lucktastic Tips: 8 more chances win tokens and prizes!

Attention all Lucktastic night owls, our daily NightFall cards become available at 9pm ET/ 6pm PT every day!

Lucktastic Tips Play Nightfall More Chances to Win

There are four single cards available each night as well as one FUN PACK! If You need a reminder of all of these extra exciting winning opportunities make sure you turn on push notifications!

Checkout #LucktasticTips Video HERE for reminders!

Lucktastic Tips Play Nightfall More Chances to Win

Lucktastic Review: Register Your Lucktastic Account Today and Win Big Prizes!

What are you waiting for?! Register your Lucktastic Account today! Lucktastic is 100% FREE to use, and registered users have so many more opportunities to win than non registered users!  By registering your Lucktastic account you can enter contests, claim prizes, redeem rewards and much more!

You can register with an existing Facebook account OR Email

Register Lucktastic Games With Facebook
Register Lucktastic Games With Email

Registering your account is SUPER easy and here’s how!

  1. Open up your Lucktastic App!
  2. Click on the clover in the upper left hand corner of the dashboard
  3. Click the drop down arrow
  4. Click register!
  5. Then register with either your Facebook account or email!

If you do not have a registered account with Lucktastic App we have no way of crediting you with your winnings! Register today and claim your next big prize!

Lucktastic Review: The REAL Lucktastic is ALWAYS 100% FREE

Lucktastic is a 100% FREE mobile gaming app, we NEVER ask for money in exchange for your prize. Any one that contacts you directly claiming to be a “Lucktastic agent”,  and requests compensation to claim your winnings is a SCAMMER! Below are some examples of fake accounts that may try to scam you.

Lucktastic Review FAKE Account Example
Lucktastic App Review FAKE Account Example 2

Many times scammers will add and invite our users to fake accounts on Facebook, and Instagram claiming to be a Lucktastic agent, simply because the user has liked or followed us on one of our VERIFIED accounts. We have ONE verified account on Facebook, Instagram , and Twitter and you can spot us by looking for the blue check mark, shown below!

Lucktastic App Review Instant Winning Game

Instagram SCAMMERS are out in full force these days, so how can you be sure you have followed the ONLY verified account? Once again, that blue check comes in handy! Below is an example of an instagram search for Lucktastic, note the REAL Lucktastic account is at the top with a BLUE CHECK mark next to it! All the other accounts are scammers!

Lucktastic App Review Instagram Scammers-REAL

Remember if you have any concerns about Lucktastic checkout this fun VIDEO we made! The Lucktastic APP is and will ALWAYS be 100% FREE.


Lucktastic Contest: Download STAR WARS game today through the Lucktastic App and be entered for a chance to win free movie tickets!

Lucktastic Contest Win Free Start Wars Movie Ticket

Did someone say BLOG? It’s time for our weekly recap Lucktastic players! This week we kicked off June with our Movie Ticket Contest! Now until further notice, if you download the STAR WARS app from the Lucktastic dashboard you will be entered for a trip to the movies for two!


Each week we will randomly select a winner to receive two FREE tickets to the movies! Redeemable for a movie of your choice, and it makes for the perfect summer date night!May the luck be with you Lucktastic players!


So what are you waiting for? Download STAR WARS now from the  Lucktastic App, and be entered for your WEEKLY chance to win a movie outing on us!


Content Created by: Brianne Morse