Meet the Lucktastic Interns

Hi! My name is Ali and I am the new marketing intern for the summer. I just got back from a semester abroad in Italy, and I am excited to start. I’m from Long Island and I am going to be a senior at Syracuse University in the fall. I’m a psychology major and public communications minor with an interest in digital marketing. I’m looking forward to learning more about social and digital marketing.

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Hello World, My name is Shiv, and I’m a software engineering intern working on the backend engineering team at Jump Ramp Games. I’m originally from Calcutta, India but I study at the University of Richmond in Virginia. I’m a rising junior majoring in Mathematics and Computer Science, and will be studying abroad in Edinburgh for the coming fall!I love building cool stuff and pushing my skills to the next level with like minded people. I already feel like I’m being able to do all this and more in the few days I’ve been working with the fantastic team at Lucktastic! I’m pumped about working here and discovering as much as I can about NYC this summer :)

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Hi Lucktastic! After finishing up my second year of college, I’m back again for a second summer internship at Lucktastic. Last year’s experience was tremendous, and I learned a lot. I would like to thank the whole team for letting me come back, and I can’t wait to help make the app even more enjoyable for you. Lucktastic has grown so much in the last year alone; many things are different, but lots of things are the same. There is a beautiful new office, many talented coworkers, and tons of new users. We have a lot of big things planned for the next few months, with huge giveaways and cool contests. I’m excited to build on everything I did last year and I hit the ground running!

New Look on Android

You may have noticed recently that we made a few changes to the Lucktastic app on Android. This new design has been on iOS since we launched in December and we are excited to finally bring it (and all it’s benefits) to our Android players.

While most of the features you know and love have stayed the same, we made a few key updates to make finding things such as instant rewards and your cash and token balances a whole lot easier.

1) My Wallet: Rather than hiding your cash and token balances in a separate tab, we have made it available for you directly on the dashboard.

2) Instant Rewards: Rather than providing a long laundry list of rewards, we have given you new options to sort through the many great rewards we offer such as Alphabetically or Tokens Required to redeem.


3) Contests: Similar to Instant Rewards, you can view all our contests both Alphabetically and by Tokens Required to enter.


If you have any additional questions regarding our new design, please reach out to


3 Facts About Our Contests

We’ve noticed that a growing number of scammers are contacting our players through social media, notifying them that they won a contest such as our $1,000,000 contest.

Here are 3 facts about all Lucktastic contests that will help you identify when it’s the real deal and when it’s a scam.

1. Our active contests will always be clearly displayed in the contest section of the app.


2. All if our contests have end dates that are clearly noted in the official rules.


3. Contest winners are notified of their win via email from


If you are uncertain whether you have won a contest from Lucktastic, please reach out to us at to confirm.


Official Lucktastic Pages

Be sure you’re following our confirmed social pages. That way you can be sure you’re getting the most up to date Lucktastic news!

Players who like us on Facebook should know that is our only page. We’re Facebook verified, so you can always look for the blue check mark:


Players on Twitter or Instagram can follow us: @PlayLucktastic for all the latest and greatest:


If you’re on SnapChat or a Google+ user, check us out at Lucktastic!



And if you love seeing the full LuckCam interviews we do with our winners, subscribe to our Youtube Channel here:


If you’re not talking to us through one of these social pages, you’re probably not talking to us and you should report them.


Lucktastic Fraud Awareness

Hey Lucktastic fans,

We’ve noticed a growing number of Lucktastic scammers and imposters.

The most recent scam attempts we’ve seen are fake Facebook pages reaching out to Lucktastic players. Sometimes these pages look exactly like ours and pretend to be a Lucktastic “Claim Agent” (Examples: Bob At-Lucktastic, Lucktastic Agent-Alex, James At-Lucktastic). Just so you know: we do NOT have claim agent pages… Our one and only facebook page is this one: We will NEVER contact you from another page; that means we do not have claim agent pages, CEO pages, executive pages, or manager pages.

The following are examples of SCAM PAGES:

profilePageFake FakeProfileDeskTop

Some recent Facebook scams we’ve seen have even taken the images of real people. They have contacted players stating they won the $1,000,000.00 contest and will have to pay $299 in order to claim their winnings.

There are a couple things wrong with this picture folks. Firstly, we will NEVER ask you to pay to claim any prize won from playing Lucktastic. Secondly, our $1,000,000 contest winner will be drawn on December 31st, 2016. If anyone has contacted you stating you’ve won $1,000,000.00 from Lucktastic prior to that, it is simply false.

If you’ve been contacted by a scammer or anyone you believe to be fraudulent, please report it to us immediately. The more details you provide, the more we will know about new scam attempts, and the better equipped we will be in raising awareness and protecting our players!

Is it really Lucktastic or is it a SCAM?

Hey Lucktastic fans,

We do our best to ensure playing Lucktastic is an enjoyable and safe experience for everyone. Recently, we’ve noticed that there are a growing number of scammers using our name and pretending to be us. It’s important for you to recognize and report these fraudulent attempts as soon as possible. This will help us protect you and all future Lucktastic players.

The easiest way to spot a Lucktastic scam or a Lucktastic impersonator is by what they ask of you; we will NEVER require you to provide a payment of any kind in order to play Lucktastic or claim a prize you’ve won. Lucktastic is free, and this simply goes against everything we do!

Another good way to spot a Lucktastic scammer is by noting how you were contacted. Unless the communication was received from one of our confirmed channels, it is not us. Confirmation, support, and correspondence emails will always be received from:

Should you chose to ever communicate with us on a social channel, here are our verified social pages:

Social Page Screenshots

On Facebook specifically: be sure to always check for the Blue Verified page checkmark. This badge signifies that Facebook has validated the authenticity of our page.

Real Vs Fake FB Page

If you think that you have been contacted by a scammer, do not communicate or provide any personal information. Instead, report it and forward as much information as possible to us (i.e.: their names, phone numbers, social page names, messages, or email addresses.) The more we know about potential scammers, the better equipped we will be to deal with them and maintain an enjoyable, safe, and FREE way to earn real prizes and rewards from your mobile device!

Meeting Lorinda N., Lucktastic’s $25,000.00 Contest Winner!

Hey there,

Darren from Lucktastic here, and I wanted to share my experience meeting our very first $25,000 contest winner. Since $25,000 was our biggest cash payout, we flew out to meet her and present the check in-person!

Bright and early on a Monday morning, my coworker Rowena and I headed to NYC’s LaGuardia airport. Two flights and a short drive later, we found ourselves outside of Lorinda’s home in Burlingame, Kansas. Our mission? To deliver her $25,000 contest winner check!

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Now this could be the native New Yorker in me, but being greeted by a complete stranger’s huge smile and giant hug can seem like a foreign concept — Lorinda greeted us with both! She warmly welcomed us into her home, where we set up for her interview amidst a full house of family members.

The one thing I will never forget? Her reaction once we handed her the check. The sheer emotion, the tears of joy, her family’s faces; I could tell we had just changed Lorinda’s life…

847621af-d7fd-479f-9da9-6af29dc7d45a25K Lucktastic Cash Winner

After the interview, we stayed and chatted with them for a bit. Although there was no shortage of family, her husband couldn’t be there when we arrived. So naturally, we decided to prank call him; saying we never showed up… After a couple of minutes the prank became too painful for my taste, and I cracked. I shouted over the phone “She’s joking! We’re here! At your house! With her winnings!” He was absolutely blown away.

And with that, we drove off into the sunset (literally) to award another Lucktastic big cash winner. You may have seen him around: Nebraska’s Ted D., $5,000 scratch card winner!

5K Lucktastic Cash Winner

This is why we do what we do; we make lives better — for FREE!

Happy scratching everyone! I simply cannot wait to meet Lucktastic’s very first $1,000,000 contest winner.

To check out Lorinda’s full interview with us, click here.