Meeting Mary C, our first $10,000 Scratch Card Winner

1  $10K Winner Mary C  2

I recently had the privilege of traveling to Greenville, NC to present Mary C, our first $10,000 scratch card winner, her winning check. Since Mary was our largest winner to date, we wanted to personally congratulate her and film our infamous Lucktastic LuckCam in person.

Accompanied by my coworker Janice, we headed out bright and early on a Wednesday morning to catch our flight down to Charlotte. From Charlotte, we made a quick transfer to Greenville, a small town in eastern North Carolina. Once we landed, we only had a short drive to Mary’s home. As we pulled down Mary’s street, we weren’t completely sure which house was hers. But we were quickly greeted by Mary, who had been waiting for us by the window.

One of the absolute best parts of our job is getting to see the faces of our winners when we present them with their check. Mary was absolutely beaming and so thrilled to welcome us into her home and film the LuckCam. She was truly overjoyed and told us of her plans to use the money to start her own woodworking business. She even showed us some of the unique pieces she plans on making.

All in all, it was a perfect day (that even having to sprint across the Charlotte airport to catch my connecting flight back to New York couldn’t put a damper on).

To see Mary’s full LuckCam interview, visit our YouTube channel here.

How to Take a Selfie

Hey Folks,

We have winners and reward redeemers EVERYDAY on Lucktastic. No wonder we get so many winner selfies!

We’d love to be able to use all the selfies we receive. Unfortunately, we get a lot of selfies that are poor quality, in bad lighting, or simply do not follow directions, and sadly we cannot use them.

Below are some tips on how to take the best selfie and guarantee your winning pic will be featured across our social pages in the future:

  1. Make sure the camera is in focus and not blurry. You don’t need to have a HD camera phone to take a great pic. Just hold the camera steady and make sure it is focused on your face before snapping your selfie.  selfieBlog

  2. Good lighting is key. Natural lighting is the best, but any well lit room will do the trick. Just make sure there is no reflection behind you (think a mirror or window).  selfieBlog_02

  3. Hold the camera directly in front of you and make sure to get the prize in the shot. It sounds pretty simple, but this will guarantee we can feature both you and the prize at the best angle.  selfieBlog_03

  4. Smile! You just won an awesome reward or prize. Show the world how excited you are.

  5. Have fun and get creative.

As long as it’s in good lighting and focused, we’ll do our best to get you out there, like some of these awesome winners!

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