Double Surprise Win for a Lucktastic Fan!


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Hey Lucktastic players!

We wanted to share an amazing story with you, since this is the FIRST time this has ever happened in Lucktastic history! As we were drawing names for our October contest winners, we happened to have one player win two, yes TWO of our prizes! We couldn’t believe this, so we thought we’d give our lucky winner a phone call and see what she thought of this surprise!

Our two time lucky winner is Robin C. of Detroit, MI and she won both the Keurig and Nurtibullet October contests! Robin is a long time Lucktastic player who’s been playing our app since December 2014. She plays three times a day, every day – talk about dedication!

We asked Robin to give us an estimate on how many tokens she thinks she’s accumulated since she started playing. It’s been a long 2 years and she had no idea. Well, we looked into her account, and to date, she’s earned a total of 274,585 tokens – WOW!

One surprising fact we learned about Robin is that she doesn’t use her tokens to redeem them for Instant Rewards. She uses ALL of her tokens to enter into our contests and has always wanted to win one. Robin never gave up and now she’s been lucky enough to win twice!

Are you wondering exactly how Robin won two prizes? Well we’re glad you asked!

At the end of every contest, we randomly generate a winning name for each prize from the total number of entries. Robin used her tokens to enter to win the Nutribullet Pro 900 and the Keurig K55 Coffee Maker. Robin was the first name drawn for the Nurtibullet contest and confirmed her information immediately after we contacted her.

When we were drawing a winner for the Keurig, we were unable to get in contact with the first winner, second winner, and third winner drawn. Per our official rules, we contact the contest winners via email and give them 48 hours to respond. If the winner doesn’t respond within that time period, we randomly draw another name. So after several failed attempts to confirm a winner, we randomly drew a fourth name. It happened to be Robin again!

We couldn’t believe this happened, but we were very excited for her. Robin said she was going to buy herself a Nurtibullet for the holidays, but now she doesn’t have to! Robin was so grateful to Lucktastic and felt truly special that we wanted to feature her on our blog.

We also wanted to share her story as a friendly reminder to all of our players to be sure you keep an eye out on your email, if you’ve entered one of our contests. We would hate for someone to lose out on winning a prize, because they didn’t see our email. But in this instance, someone’s loss was Robin’s gain.

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