Meeting Lorinda N., Lucktastic’s $25,000.00 Contest Winner!

Hey there,

Darren from Lucktastic here, and I wanted to share my experience meeting our very first $25,000 contest winner. Since $25,000 was our biggest cash payout, we flew out to meet her and present the check in-person!

Bright and early on a Monday morning, my coworker Rowena and I headed to NYC’s LaGuardia airport. Two flights and a short drive later, we found ourselves outside of Lorinda’s home in Burlingame, Kansas. Our mission? To deliver her $25,000 contest winner check!

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Now this could be the native New Yorker in me, but being greeted by a complete stranger’s huge smile and giant hug can seem like a foreign concept — Lorinda greeted us with both! She warmly welcomed us into her home, where we set up for her interview amidst a full house of family members.

The one thing I will never forget? Her reaction once we handed her the check. The sheer emotion, the tears of joy, her family’s faces; I could tell we had just changed Lorinda’s life…

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After the interview, we stayed and chatted with them for a bit. Although there was no shortage of family, her husband couldn’t be there when we arrived. So naturally, we decided to prank call him; saying we never showed up… After a couple of minutes the prank became too painful for my taste, and I cracked. I shouted over the phone “She’s joking! We’re here! At your house! With her winnings!” He was absolutely blown away.

And with that, we drove off into the sunset (literally) to award another Lucktastic big cash winner. You may have seen him around: Nebraska’s Ted D., $5,000 scratch card winner!

5K Lucktastic Cash Winner

This is why we do what we do; we make lives better — for FREE!

Happy scratching everyone! I simply cannot wait to meet Lucktastic’s very first $1,000,000 contest winner.

To check out Lorinda’s full interview with us, click here.

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