Lucktastic Fraud Awareness

Hey Lucktastic fans,

We’ve noticed a growing number of Lucktastic scammers and imposters.

The most recent scam attempts we’ve seen are fake Facebook pages reaching out to Lucktastic players. Sometimes these pages look exactly like ours and pretend to be a Lucktastic “Claim Agent” (Examples: Bob At-Lucktastic, Lucktastic Agent-Alex, James At-Lucktastic). Just so you know: we do NOT have claim agent pages… Our one and only facebook page is this one: We will NEVER contact you from another page; that means we do not have claim agent pages, CEO pages, executive pages, or manager pages.

The following are examples of SCAM PAGES:

profilePageFake FakeProfileDeskTop

Some recent Facebook scams we’ve seen have even taken the images of real people. They have contacted players stating they won the $1,000,000.00 contest and will have to pay $299 in order to claim their winnings.

There are a couple things wrong with this picture folks. Firstly, we will NEVER ask you to pay to claim any prize won from playing Lucktastic. Secondly, our $1,000,000 contest winner will be drawn on December 31st, 2016. If anyone has contacted you stating you’ve won $1,000,000.00 from Lucktastic prior to that, it is simply false.

If you’ve been contacted by a scammer or anyone you believe to be fraudulent, please report it to us immediately. The more details you provide, the more we will know about new scam attempts, and the better equipped we will be in raising awareness and protecting our players!

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