Lucktastic Live Trivia on Instagram: Win up to $25 real CASH!


Lucktastic Instagram Trivia!

Hey Lucktastic players! We have real winners everyday and now we have even more opportunities to win with Live Trivia every Tuesday and Thursday 3pm ET/ 12pm PT!

Every Tuesday and Thursday we will continue to host a live trivia game show! Call us via Instagram and we might just put YOU in the hot seat!


Here’s how to play! Give us a call, if we pick you, you will be in the hot seat to answer live trivia in front of our entire Lucktastic Instagram audience!

There are a total of 5 questions for up to $25 CASH! Each question you answer correctly earns you $5 cash. After we ask you the question, and give 4 multiple choice answers to choose from, you have 20 seconds on the clock to make your best guess!

Lucktastic Winner Cash Prize Instant
Lucktastic Live Winner Cash Prize Trivia Contest

If you answer incorrectly you still have the opportunity to answer the remaining questions correctly. We want you to rack up as much cash you can while in the hot seat!

After the live stream, DM us on Instagram with your Lucktastic registered email address. That is how we will credit your account!

DISCLAIMER:  Make sure you are in a well lit area when you give us a call so we can see your face AND make sure you refrain from any inappropriate behavior, like profanity. You will be on live with our entire Lucktastic audience and we like to keep it PG and family friendly!

Contented Created By Brianne M. Host of Lucktastic Live

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