Lucktastic Review: The REAL Lucktastic is ALWAYS 100% FREE

Lucktastic is a 100% FREE mobile gaming app, we NEVER ask for money in exchange for your prize. Any one that contacts you directly claiming to be a “Lucktastic agent”,  and requests compensation to claim your winnings is a SCAMMER! Below are some examples of fake accounts that may try to scam you.

Lucktastic Review FAKE Account Example
Lucktastic App Review FAKE Account Example 2

Many times scammers will add and invite our users to fake accounts on Facebook, and Instagram claiming to be a Lucktastic agent, simply because the user has liked or followed us on one of our VERIFIED accounts. We have ONE verified account on Facebook, Instagram , and Twitter and you can spot us by looking for the blue check mark, shown below!

Lucktastic App Review Instant Winning Game

Instagram SCAMMERS are out in full force these days, so how can you be sure you have followed the ONLY verified account? Once again, that blue check comes in handy! Below is an example of an instagram search for Lucktastic, note the REAL Lucktastic account is at the top with a BLUE CHECK mark next to it! All the other accounts are scammers!

Lucktastic App Review Instagram Scammers-REAL

Remember if you have any concerns about Lucktastic checkout this fun VIDEO we made! The Lucktastic APP is and will ALWAYS be 100% FREE.


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