Lucktastic Review: Register Your Lucktastic Account Today and Win Big Prizes!

What are you waiting for?! Register your Lucktastic Account today! Lucktastic is 100% FREE to use, and registered users have so many more opportunities to win than non registered users!  By registering your Lucktastic account you can enter contests, claim prizes, redeem rewards and much more!

You can register with an existing Facebook account OR Email

Register Lucktastic Games With Facebook
Register Lucktastic Games With Email

Registering your account is SUPER easy and here’s how!

  1. Open up your Lucktastic App!
  2. Click on the clover in the upper left hand corner of the dashboard
  3. Click the drop down arrow
  4. Click register!
  5. Then register with either your Facebook account or email!

If you do not have a registered account with Lucktastic App we have no way of crediting you with your winnings! Register today and claim your next big prize!

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