Is it really Lucktastic or is it a SCAM?

Hey Lucktastic fans,

We do our best to ensure playing Lucktastic is an enjoyable and safe experience for everyone. Recently, we’ve noticed that there are a growing number of scammers using our name and pretending to be us. It’s important for you to recognize and report these fraudulent attempts as soon as possible. This will help us protect you and all future Lucktastic players.

The easiest way to spot a Lucktastic scam or a Lucktastic impersonator is by what they ask of you; we will NEVER require you to provide a payment of any kind in order to play Lucktastic or claim a prize you’ve won. Lucktastic is free, and this simply goes against everything we do!

Another good way to spot a Lucktastic scammer is by noting how you were contacted. Unless the communication was received from one of our confirmed channels, it is not us. Confirmation, support, and correspondence emails will always be received from:

Should you chose to ever communicate with us on a social channel, here are our verified social pages:

Social Page Screenshots

On Facebook specifically: be sure to always check for the Blue Verified page checkmark. This badge signifies that Facebook has validated the authenticity of our page.

Real Vs Fake FB Page

If you think that you have been contacted by a scammer, do not communicate or provide any personal information. Instead, report it and forward as much information as possible to us (i.e.: their names, phone numbers, social page names, messages, or email addresses.) The more we know about potential scammers, the better equipped we will be to deal with them and maintain an enjoyable, safe, and FREE way to earn real prizes and rewards from your mobile device!

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