Are You Lucktastic’s Mystery $100.00 Holiday Cash Winner?

Lucktastic is all about giving. Giving away cash, giving away prizes, giving away rewards. So, it only made sense that when the month of giving (otherwise known as December) rolled around, we would be in an even more giving mood than we normally are. So we asked ourselves, how can we give our fantastic Lucktastic players even more in December?

That’s how 12 Days of Holiday Cheer was born.

Lucktastic 12 Days of Holiday Cheer

12 Days of 12 specially created cards drawn by our amazing designer Anthony each paying out $100 from 12/1 – 12/12. Congratulations to the winners from all over the country:

Lucktastic Cash Winners

You’re all probably wondering now, why is the Day 3 winner is missing? That’s because whoever the lucky winner was on this day did not register and did not cash out! Could this be you? Check your Lucktastic app and check your wallet! Are you our missing mystery $100 Holiday Cash winner?! Remember, the ONLY way that you can claim your cash and hold on to any tokens earned is if you register so don’t forget to do it!

We hope you enjoyed celebrating the 12 Days of Holiday Cheer with us. If you missed out on these special scratch cards, don’t forget to follow us on SnapChat for a first heads up on all special promotions. And don’t worry, we have more specials coming soon so you can still get in on the action!



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