New Look on Android

You may have noticed recently that we made a few changes to the Lucktastic app on Android. This new design has been on iOS since we launched in December and we are excited to finally bring it (and all it’s benefits) to our Android players.

While most of the features you know and love have stayed the same, we made a few key updates to make finding things such as instant rewards and your cash and token balances a whole lot easier.

1) My Wallet: Rather than hiding your cash and token balances in a separate tab, we have made it available for you directly on the dashboard.

2) Instant Rewards: Rather than providing a long laundry list of rewards, we have given you new options to sort through the many great rewards we offer such as Alphabetically or Tokens Required to redeem.


3) Contests: Similar to Instant Rewards, you can view all our contests both Alphabetically and by Tokens Required to enter.


If you have any additional questions regarding our new design, please reach out to

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