Lucktastic Review: The REAL Lucktastic is ALWAYS 100% FREE

Lucktastic is a 100% FREE mobile gaming app, we NEVER ask for money in exchange for your prize. Any one that contacts you directly claiming to be a “Lucktastic agent”,  and requests compensation to claim your winnings is a SCAMMER! Below are some examples of fake accounts that may try to scam you.

Lucktastic Review FAKE Account Example
Lucktastic App Review FAKE Account Example 2

Many times scammers will add and invite our users to fake accounts on Facebook, and Instagram claiming to be a Lucktastic agent, simply because the user has liked or followed us on one of our VERIFIED accounts. We have ONE verified account on Facebook, Instagram , and Twitter and you can spot us by looking for the blue check mark, shown below!

Lucktastic App Review Instant Winning Game

Instagram SCAMMERS are out in full force these days, so how can you be sure you have followed the ONLY verified account? Once again, that blue check comes in handy! Below is an example of an instagram search for Lucktastic, note the REAL Lucktastic account is at the top with a BLUE CHECK mark next to it! All the other accounts are scammers!

Lucktastic App Review Instagram Scammers-REAL

Remember if you have any concerns about Lucktastic checkout this fun VIDEO we made! The Lucktastic APP is and will ALWAYS be 100% FREE.


Lucktastic Contest: Download STAR WARS game today through the Lucktastic App and be entered for a chance to win free movie tickets!

Lucktastic Contest Win Free Start Wars Movie Ticket

Did someone say BLOG? It’s time for our weekly recap Lucktastic players! This week we kicked off June with our Movie Ticket Contest! Now until further notice, if you download the STAR WARS app from the Lucktastic dashboard you will be entered for a trip to the movies for two!


Each week we will randomly select a winner to receive two FREE tickets to the movies! Redeemable for a movie of your choice, and it makes for the perfect summer date night!May the luck be with you Lucktastic players!


So what are you waiting for? Download STAR WARS now from the  Lucktastic App, and be entered for your WEEKLY chance to win a movie outing on us!


Content Created by: Brianne Morse



Lucktastic Live Trivia on Instagram: Win up to $25 real CASH!


Lucktastic Instagram Trivia!

Hey Lucktastic players! We have real winners everyday and now we have even more opportunities to win with Live Trivia every Tuesday and Thursday 3pm ET/ 12pm PT!

Every Tuesday and Thursday we will continue to host a live trivia game show! Call us via Instagram and we might just put YOU in the hot seat!


Here’s how to play! Give us a call, if we pick you, you will be in the hot seat to answer live trivia in front of our entire Lucktastic Instagram audience!

There are a total of 5 questions for up to $25 CASH! Each question you answer correctly earns you $5 cash. After we ask you the question, and give 4 multiple choice answers to choose from, you have 20 seconds on the clock to make your best guess!

Lucktastic Winner Cash Prize Instant
Lucktastic Live Winner Cash Prize Trivia Contest

If you answer incorrectly you still have the opportunity to answer the remaining questions correctly. We want you to rack up as much cash you can while in the hot seat!

After the live stream, DM us on Instagram with your Lucktastic registered email address. That is how we will credit your account!

DISCLAIMER:  Make sure you are in a well lit area when you give us a call so we can see your face AND make sure you refrain from any inappropriate behavior, like profanity. You will be on live with our entire Lucktastic audience and we like to keep it PG and family friendly!

Contented Created By Brianne M. Host of Lucktastic Live

Lucktastic Contest: Kickoff to Memorial Day with Words With Friends 2!

It’s Friday everyone which means we have a new blog post! Memorial day is just around the corner, so we decided to honor this holiday with a weekend full of BONUS winning opportunities!  

Happy Memorial Day from Lucktastic

Friday May 25th from 3pm – 5pm, ET/12pm – 2pm, PT, we have a $50 lazy river bonus card available for one lucky guaranteed cash winner!

AND Saturday May 26th from 5pm – 7pm, ET scratch our $50 Kick Back and Relax bonus card! One lucky player will win that card as well!

Then on sunday we have another $50 bonus card running from 4pm – 6pm, ET and 1pm – 3pm, PT scratch all of your cards and one lucky winner will unlock that!

FINALLY, on Memorial Day, we are doubling that amount so make sure to scratch all of your cards to try and unlock our $100 Bonus card from 3-5 pm ET, 12-2pm PT!!!

So while you’re sitting poolside, scratch all your cards for a chance to win one of those BONUS CARDS this weekend!

Also for the past two weeks, we have been working with words with friends two to give away 5 $20 amazon gift cards, as well multiple cash prizes!

Instant Prize Winner Lucktastic

Last week on Trivia Tuesday and Trivia Thursday we gave away cash instantly to trivia gurus Donnica and Naesha! This week, Tuesdays player Mac from Michigan answered 4 questions correctly, earning him $20 on the spot! Thursdays winner won $10 on Live!

Follow us on Instagram HERE to join in!

Also congrats to our FB live winner, who guessed “FREE SCRATCHERS” on Live!

Follow us on Facebook HERE to play along next time.


So many opportunities to WIN! Enter by installing Words With Friends 2 from Lucktastic App  to win one of the five $20 Amazon Gift Cards!  

Happy Friday, good luck on all fronts,  and enjoy the long Memorial Day weekend!


Word With Friends2 Lucktastic App Contest Win Big


Lucktastic Sweepstakes “Words with Friends 2” Contests!

Lucktastic has partnered with Word with Friends 2 for a week of winning opportunities!

This week we are giving away 5 $20 Amazon gift cards away as well as giving away other fun and exciting cash prizes! There are new ways to enter every day, but the more you PLAY Word with Friends 2  the more chances you have to win! This past week, we kicked off our campaign with our #TriviaTuesday!

Words With Friends 2 and Lucktastic Contests

Tuesday and Thursdays are for Trivia! That means, join us on Instagram Live all next week at 12pm ET! Every Tuesday and Thursday we will pick a caller on Instagram LIVE and test their trivia knowledge in the hot seat!

Words With Friends 2 in the Lucktastic App

Tuesday’s caller Donnica, won $15 dollars on LIVE after answering 3 questions correctly! We want you to rack up as much cash as you can while we are on with you, so that means if you answer incorrectly to a question, you still have a chance to answer the remaining questions correctly! $5 a question, up to $25 instant CASH make sure to check it out!

Instagram Winner Wins Cash On Lucktastic's Live

ALSO, don’t forget to enter the Word with Friends 2 Midway Magic event happening in their app, for a chance to win 10,000 cash! All week long, new ways to win everyday!

Words With Friends 2's Midway Magic $10,000 Cash Contest

Then on Friday May 25th we have our Live in app event at 3pm ET 12PT, tune in to find out the code YOU need to enter to unlock yet another Word with Friends 2 prize!

Lucktastic Facebook Live Cash Contests With Words With Friends 2

Let the games begin, and by that I mean! Let’s pay Word with Friends 2 !

$10,000 Cash Contest Sweeptakes Winner Announced! | Lucktastic “Crack the Safe”

Interviewing the Ten thousand dollar Cash Contest Sweepstakes winner lukctastic scratch-off app
Meet Justin B. THE winner of our Crack the Safe Contest. When we called Justin to tell him he won, he said “I almost hung up on them, glad I didn’t.” Unfortunately there are a lot of scammers out there that pretended to be Lucktastic, but after we assured Justin that he would NEVER have to pay us any money to receive his winnings he was more than ready to claim his prize!

Meeting JustinGreeting the Lucktastic Contest Winner

Interviewing the Ten thousand dollar Cash Contest Sweepstakes winner lukctastic scratch-off app
Justin B. lives in Quincy, Illinois, so we flew him to NYC for his chance to crack the safe! Justin arrived in NYC on Thursday, our Live team Brianne and Darren checked him into his hotel right in Times Square and took him out for his FIRST dinner in NYC ever. Darren and Brianne convinced Justin to expand his pallet and try OCTOPUS for the very first time. After dinner Justin had the evening to himself. He later told us that he tried FOURTEEN street cart hot dogs and went to a glow in the dark bowling alley in times square!

Interviewing the Ten thousand dollar Cash Contest Sweepstakes winner lukctastic scratch-off app

We asked Justin if he had a strategy for how he was going to pick his numbers and he told us, the first number was a random number Justin picked himself, the second guess was suggested by a member of our live audience and Justin decided he liked their guess! The third and final guess was chosen by a special person in Justin’s life.

This is Brianne and Justin before his third and final guess!? Brianne may be more nervous than he is here!

Justin’s third and final guess was 568!! Only FOUR numbers away from the actual code to the safe which was: 572! So close. Nevertheless Justin already had a guaranteed $10,000, so he was still very excited! Justin told us he plans on using the money to travel around the country!

Enjoy Justin and it was a pleasure meeting and working with you!

Crystal N. – Facebook Live Winner

Crystal N. Pic

Crystal N. from Phoenix, AZ is an active fan, who participated in our Facebook Live show back in February 2017. We asked fans a Question of the Day: “What brings YOU joy and why? and we absolutely loved her response! 

We wanted to learn more about Crystal, so here is her story…

Crystal loves helping others and she says that she’s a big believer that “if you treat people well and take good care of them, they will be there for you!” Her two kids bring her the most joy in her life and is so proud of their accomplishments.


CRYSTAL WITH KIDS Crystal and kids 2

Crystal with her kids

                                 IMG_1842 IMG_1852

Crystal in her element at work!

Congrats again to Crystal for sharing her story! Come back next week to find out who we will be featuring next time ?  ?