Could You Have Been Lucktastic’s First $2,500.00 Winner?

Two weeks ago, we announced our very first $2,500 Winner on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The winner announcement listed Tonya J. of Samburg, TN as the winner of the cash. Then, earlier today, we released the video of our LuckCam chat with the very first $2,500 winner, Cerickia G. of Camden, AR.

Lucktastic $2,500.00 Winner

I’m sure many of you are now confused, here’s what happened.

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Special Veterans Day Message from Lucktastic Co-Founder and Veteran

A few words from Lucktastic’s co-founder and veteran, Alex.

Lucktastic Prizes and Rewards – How to Get Them

As many Lucktastic fans know, we do our very best to get rewards and checks out as quickly as possible after you’ve redeemed. We do, at times, receive a large amount of prizes that are returned to us and it can take 3-4 weeks for the USPS to return undeliverable prizes! The pile of prizes and rewards returned to us you see below are from one day.

Lucktastic Prize

Here are some tips on what you can do to make sure that you receive your prize or reward from Lucktastic as quickly as possible.

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Meet Lucktastic Scratch Card Designer Anthony F.

My name is Anthony and I am one of the newest additions to the company. My role is to design everything you see and enjoy throughout the app. You will be seeing a lot of new and crazy scratch cards coming your way soon! When I am not designing, you can find me riding through the streets of NYC on my bike, hanging with my pets, and even painting!
Lucktastic Anthony

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Malika’s Experience at Lucktastic

See You Soon!


As of August 15th, I have completed my internship at Jump Ramp Games, thusly, finishing my work was a Marketing Intern with Lucktastic. It’s a bittersweet experience for me to leave and head back to school after an amazing summer. My send-off was simple, as the staff ordered pizza, played music in the office, and spoke about college life (though it was more of me receiving advice on how best to enjoy my senior year). Looking back at my internship, there was a lot that I’ve gained as well as a lot that I was able to give back.


As A Marketing Intern

My work day started at 10:00am every morning with a load of emails from users redeeming prizes every minute. I’ve sent a little over 100 prizes, both electronic and physical, a day. It was confusing at first. The emails came with what looked like large codes you’d probably recognize if you’ve seen the Matrix–luckily, I never saw the movie so I was probably twice as confused. After about a million questions, a couple of mistakes (sorry!), and a new strategic data input improvements, I learned how to continue my position as a bridge between Lucktastic and our users.

My responsibility was not only to be the office DJ (seriously), but to ensure the user’s experience was a smooth one by sending prizes. There were a lot of codes, emails, and envelope stuffing. There were some days when there were so many prizes, my desk would be piled with materials used to package prizes, but I always had help from my coworkers. I became a little bit of a pro at my job. Filling databases the moment I arrived, and packaging prizes until I was kicked out of the office for being there past 6:00. They were long days, but I never really wanted to leave. I always wanted more from my experience, and being in the office made me feel as if I was doing a lot to make people smile.


Social Media

As you might have read in my last blog post, my introduction to the social media department happened as we prepared for Customer Appreciation Month. We “roundtabled” and went over ideas for maximizing user experience. Dates to launch contests were set, prizes were announced, graphics were made, and messages outlined in preparation for the month-long celebration. We brainstormed the prizes we’d give away for the July instant prize contest.

One of my responsibilities was to write blogs for Lucktastic. I’ve written a couple so far, and it’s been pretty awesome utilizing my writing skills and blogging (something else that was completely new for me). While working with social media, I learned how difficult it could be to ensure that I was writing or engaging users in topics they’re interested in without assuming that everyone would automatically like whatever I liked. Not only did the department challenge me, but all of our users and I appreciate it.


Office Dynamic

When the Bluetooth on the radio was working, I played music and the office would jam. However, those moments were rare, and so when the signal made the music skip, there were a lot of laughs and conversation. Whenever the World Cup was on the television was on and so would conversations about soccer that I would never understand. We appreciated food holidays and celebrated by ordering whichever food, and I always looked forward to Fridays because they were officially designated as “Froyo Friday’s.” It almost seemed as if there were birthdays every other week. Where there were birthdays, there were cupcakes.

Most people would be intimidated knowing that there’s only a thin wall separating the intern from the founders of the company, but it was an amazing opportunity to get to know them. I had the chance to speak with both Tony and Alex on multiple occasions and every time I learned a lot about their lives, goals, and interests. They made it easy for me to get accustomed to the office environment and really tried to make sure I got the most out of my internship.

Now that I’m back at school, I’m reflecting on the skills that I’ve gained, connections I’ve formed, and work I was able to contribute this past summer. I’m ready to utilize my experiences in my role as a Resident Assistant, as well as student organization President. The position had it’s challenges, but it gave me a reason to push myself and set goals that would strengthen and enhance my experience. I appreciate seeing the photos of all Lucktastic winners and knowing that I played a part in helping that person get the best out of their player experience.


Thank you, everyone. This was quite possibly the best internship I could have asked for this summer. I don’t like saying “goodbye” because it’s too permanent. I’ll just say I’ll see you soon.


Malika G.

Behind the Scenes: Customer Appreciation Month

Because of the dedication and support of all of our Lucktastic users, the month of July has been a big project for everyone at the office as we looked for ways to continue showing our appreciation during Customer Appreciation Month. I had the opportunity to sit down and hear efforts to enhance the Lucktastic experience for all of our users, as well as recognize them for being absolutely amazing.

Lucktastic Customer Appreciation Month

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Independence Day

Fireworks. Nothing makes me happier than the booming, fantastical presence of fireworks on the Fourth of July. Ever since I was a kid, it was my favorite part of Independence Day. My grandparents, mother, sister, cousins, aunts, and uncles would scurry our way up onto my grandmother’s roof and rest with our view on Manhattan–just in time for the fireworks. The colors would light up the sky in the shapes of planets and smiley faces. They would pop, swirl, and sparkle. The sound would travel all the way to Brooklyn, onto the roof I stood on, reverberating inside of my chest. That BOOM I felt would travel through my body and leave me excited for the next explosion. My anticipation for this day grows every year and with each year, it holds a new meaning for me.

Lucktastic Fireworks

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