Thank You from Lucktastic

It’s Customer Appreciation Month!! The Lucktastic team has set aside July to give back to our amazing customers and show how much we care about you guys. Lucktastic Customer Appreciation MonthWe owe it to you for making Lucktastic the successful app that it is now. From users that have been with us for nearly three years, to the thousands of new users that join us everyday, we value you all.

We love seeing the photos you send in to us that capture the excitement and joy of winning. We love hearing about all the great ways our Lucktastic winners plan on using their prizes and rewards, whether it is giving the money to your daughter for a computer or taking your spouse out for your anniversary. And we love talking with you all about your experiences in our LuckCam videos. We are amazed by the continued perseverance of our faithful users, who save up tokens and wait and hope for their chance to win. You all make our jobs so rewarding.

We wish we could have every one of our players win! So, this month we will be giving our awesome users great chances to do just that! We are giving away prizes every week, adding new contests, and showcasing our beloved customers!!  This week, we’re giving away a $50 Walmart Gift Card on Instagram so be sure to check it out.Lucktastic Customer Appreciation Month

Also, stay tuned this month for more outstanding opportunities to become a Lucktastic winner. So, on behalf of everyone at Lucktastic,



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